Iran Body Count

This space has been created to show the violence and deliberate killing of people in Iran after the presidential elections on the 12th of June 2009. Principally it is dedicated to the victims of shootings and people tortured to death in detention centres. If you have any information on these cases, please send them to If you do not wish, we will not publish names and sensitive details.

این وبلاگ به منظور نشان دادن گوشه ای از خشونت و کشتار حکومت غاصب جمهوری اسلامی در دوره انتخابات است ۲۲ ذخرداد مخصوصا برای قربانیان بعد انتخابات و کسانی که در تیر اندازی ها به صورت رحشیانه ای از دست رفتند نظرات خود را می توانید به این آدرس ارسال کنید و کسنی که مایل به چاپ مشغخصات خود هستند بی نام و نشان چاپ می شوند از حضور گرم شما سپاسگزاریم


Mostafa Kiarostami

A new martyr has been identified. His name is allegedly Mostafa Kiarostami (مصطفی کیارستمی) and he died after severely injured on the head by basiji beating during Friday prayers (people telling that day when Rafsanjani spoke, 17 july).
Please send more information if you have any.

UPDATE: after more sources this young man was 22 years old and. More information in Persian here.


  1. Iran_translator on Twitter Green Brief 44 confirms: one fatality at Valiasr Street on June 30th. No identity available yet.

  2. On July 30th Greenwavearchive on Blogspot reports Amir Khodaie was killed at Kharizak under torture. His Jaw and neck were broken.

  3. Saggezard joon, can you please send or post me the link?

  4. Amir Khodaie