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This space has been created to show the violence and deliberate killing of people in Iran after the presidential elections on the 12th of June 2009. Principally it is dedicated to the victims of shootings and people tortured to death in detention centres. If you have any information on these cases, please send them to If you do not wish, we will not publish names and sensitive details.

این وبلاگ به منظور نشان دادن گوشه ای از خشونت و کشتار حکومت غاصب جمهوری اسلامی در دوره انتخابات است ۲۲ ذخرداد مخصوصا برای قربانیان بعد انتخابات و کسانی که در تیر اندازی ها به صورت رحشیانه ای از دست رفتند نظرات خود را می توانید به این آدرس ارسال کنید و کسنی که مایل به چاپ مشغخصات خود هستند بی نام و نشان چاپ می شوند از حضور گرم شما سپاسگزاریم


Amir Javadifar (before named as Javadi Langeroodi)

This young man is the next victim. He was arrested on July 9th and he died in prizon of his injuries and further savage beating. He was a 25 years old student of industrial management in the city of Qazvin. He was also a musician and a trainee actor.

Here Madyar is telling us his story as he has been told by an eyewitness:

The circumstances of the death of this handsome, radiant young man was told me by someone close to him who witnessed the final days of his life. From that moment, palpitations, grief and anguish have not left me for a second. Visibly, during the riots, he had received heavy blows to his head and face, so that he was gradually losing his sight. He had also been violently beaten on his ribs, which must have caused internal bleeding, in his lungs I think, and finally his death. I was told that when Amir was transported in this state, along with the other detainees, to Kahrizak, the other prisoners did all they could to help him and bring him relief with the meagre means they had. And Amir too, in the evenings, to thank his fellow detainees and despite his condition, brought them water and wafted the air so that the others would suffer less from the heat (I was very moved on hearing this story). Then finally, the day the detainees were transported from Kahrizak to Evin prison, in the cramped space of the van with its suffocating atmosphere in which one could hardly breathe, he began to convulse and little by little stopped breathing. The officers quickly got him out of the van to take him somewhere else.

His story in Persian and English is available here.
More about him in Persian.
During his detention he has been in a hospital for a short time, but transported back to the detention centre where he died.

The last photo showing him alive in the hospital suggests that the life of this young man could have been saved!


  1. According to Madyar on Twitter: Hossein Akbari 16 years old has been killed under torture, no other source available yet.

  2. According to potkazar on Twitter a translation of a detainee's accounts: http://tinyurl.comn6bsgh

    All killed in custody at Kahrizak:

    Hasan Shapuri
    Reza Fatahi
    Milad (No last name available 16/17 years old)
    Morteza Salahshour
    Morad Aghasi
    Mohsen Entezami

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    I was one of them who was convinced that the correct name is Javadi Langeroodi but after this interview
    I had to change my mind. The correct name is Javadifar

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