Iran Body Count

This space has been created to show the violence and deliberate killing of people in Iran after the presidential elections on the 12th of June 2009. Principally it is dedicated to the victims of shootings and people tortured to death in detention centres. If you have any information on these cases, please send them to If you do not wish, we will not publish names and sensitive details.

این وبلاگ به منظور نشان دادن گوشه ای از خشونت و کشتار حکومت غاصب جمهوری اسلامی در دوره انتخابات است ۲۲ ذخرداد مخصوصا برای قربانیان بعد انتخابات و کسانی که در تیر اندازی ها به صورت رحشیانه ای از دست رفتند نظرات خود را می توانید به این آدرس ارسال کنید و کسنی که مایل به چاپ مشغخصات خود هستند بی نام و نشان چاپ می شوند از حضور گرم شما سپاسگزاریم


Sarvareh Boroumand and her daughter Fatemeh Rajabpour

Sarvareh Boroumand and her daughter Fatemeh Rajabpour, both killed during the violent clashes June 15th 2009, source, Source.


  1. I heard that she was pregnant, and what their refer to as her daughter was in fact her unborn daughter. can someone verify this?

  2. Killed:
    Bahman JENABI was a 18 or 20 years old student

    Ashkan Sohrabi, 18, student (University of volunteers), Location died: Intersection and Bostan Roudaki (Slsbyl)

  3. I made a mistake about Fatemeh Rajabpour and her daughter. These two were shot dead while in the daycare where they were working. Reports suggest that they were probably by a window near protests. Her family found their bodies in the daycare. The husband and his two sons are obviously upset beyond belief. RIP to both of them.

  4. To be perfectly correct, it was not Fatemeh Rajabpour and her daughter, rather Sarvareh Broumand and her daughter Fatemeh Rajabpour