Iran Body Count

This space has been created to show the violence and deliberate killing of people in Iran after the presidential elections on the 12th of June 2009. Principally it is dedicated to the victims of shootings and people tortured to death in detention centres. If you have any information on these cases, please send them to If you do not wish, we will not publish names and sensitive details.

این وبلاگ به منظور نشان دادن گوشه ای از خشونت و کشتار حکومت غاصب جمهوری اسلامی در دوره انتخابات است ۲۲ ذخرداد مخصوصا برای قربانیان بعد انتخابات و کسانی که در تیر اندازی ها به صورت رحشیانه ای از دست رفتند نظرات خود را می توانید به این آدرس ارسال کنید و کسنی که مایل به چاپ مشغخصات خود هستند بی نام و نشان چاپ می شوند از حضور گرم شما سپاسگزاریم


Alireza Sabouri Miandehi

Alireza Sabouri Miandehi -علیرضا صبوری میاندهی

Alireza passed away more than two years after the post-election riots in Boston at an age of 22.

In the afternoon of 15 June, when he was just nineteen years of age, Alireza was trying to help rescue fellow protesters wounded in front of the Basij militia’s Ashura base, Battalion 117, when he was struck by a bullet and fell unconscious.
He was then taken to Ibn Sina hospital in west Tehran for treatment. Although he gained consciousness at the hospital, doctors were unable to fully remove the bullet from inside his skull. “The bullet exploded inside his head, a fragment left through an eyebrow, [but] the projectile stayed inside his skull while four shrapnel fragments were stuck. The projectile was extracted during a complicated and intense operation, but the fragments remained inside,” a family member told the Green Voice of Freedom on condition of anonymity.

Eleven months after he was first wounded, Alireza, accompanied by the family member, left Iran for Turkey to seek medical treatment through the UN office there. However, despite family pleas to relocate him to Germany where some of his relatives reside, the UN officials in Turkey rejected the family’s calls and instead decided to send Alireza to the United States. “We told them [the UN] time after time that he should be in Germany, close his relatives who could take care of him. But as usual, the UN completely ignored our calls and sent him to the US,” the family argued.
Nearly 900 days after being shot, Alireza Miandehi Sabouri died at the tender age of 22, 6,000 miles away from home in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was buried. “He passed away in a foreign land in silence and loneliness,” the family member continued. “He was treated unjustly both in Iran and abroad.


Arash Arkan

Arash Arkan, 29, is an other victim of the post election riots and prison abuses. He died after one year, 2 months and 26 days of imprisonment, due to lack of health care urgently needed for his kidney disease. He died of heart failure three days after he was hospitalized.
Arash Arkan was arrested on 4 November 2009 while helping a protester who was being chased by the police for having taken pictures from an opposition protests close to Vali-Asr Square in Tehran. According to Iran-Emrooz, Arkan, who had realised that a young protester was in danger of being arrested by Iranian security forces for the sole "crime" of filming the unrest using his mobile phone, quickly intervened and attempted to trip one of the security forces to allow for the protester to flee the scene. Although Arkan's heroic act helped his fellow Iranian to run away, it wasn't enough to to save himself from the batons of the police forces present at the scene.
Until three months after his arrest, there was no information on Arkan's arrest or his place of detention. Despite having spent more than a year in prison, judicial authorities sentenced Arkan to eight months in prison disregarding the fact that he had already spent eight months in detention.
His father, one year after his son's death, breaks the silence and speaks out about the imprisonment and death of Arash. Here you can find the transcript of the interview with him. For Persian speakers the audio file is here.